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Intuitive Energy Readings

And health plan coaching

The body's energy field gives us a great deal of information about what is happening with our entire system. 

The flow of "chi", "Qi", or "prana" is a form of vibration that I can intuitively sense and read for you.

Are you are suffering pains or recurring illness?  

Do you have persistant emotional or mental blocks that you can't seem to release?

Perhaps you're overwhelmed by conflicting medical or wellness advice, articles, and information.
Maybe you're confused by different types of health therapies or don't know which ones would work best for you.

D0 you feel like the things that are "supposed" to work, don't work for you and you don't know why?
Are you looking for the right supplemental treatments for your chronic condition care?
Perhaps you're tired of throwing money away on alternatives that aren't working for you.

Does the immediate relief you get from reiki or other treatments feel short-lived?

Perhaps you cannot find the path to improving your own well being. 

Maybe you just don't have the answers.  

But your body does. 

And I can translate.

My unique ability to connect to the body's luminous energy field can help provide you with insights to your own condition and wellbeing. Together we can find the keys to unlock your optimum health. Together, we can map a pathway to help you achieve your own ultimate state of wellness.

I'm trained in crystal healing, reiki, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy, aromatherapy, and shamanic healing. 

In your hour-long appointment with me you'll get: 

An in-depth intuitive reading of your luminous energy field.

Analysis of where your pain centers and energy blocks reside in your physical body. 

Suggestions as to the possible causes of energy disruptions and chakra closures.

In-depth information as to the source of the traumas that cause these conditions.

Suggestions on how to clear chronic disruptions and the proper healing modality to do so.

A detailed, individualized, and comprehensive plan for a course of action.