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Metaphysical Fair 2018

Readers - Healers - Vendors

Join us for a celebration of our fourth anniversary!
September 8, 2017 from 11am to 6pm
Free Admission - Free Parking
This is an Alcohol and Drug Free Event

Please leave your pets home

Dragonfly Intuitive Connections

Cheryl Furze

Cheryl offers insightful Intuitive readings delivered in a heartfelt and compassionate manner. Dragonfly Connections can give you clarity and insight for future, current, or past happenings in your life, helping you find direction when the path is cloudy. Or perhaps a connection to a lost love one will come through for you.

Phone readings are available.
(315) 350-8824
Cash, credit card or paypal payments are accepted

HeartSpring Healing

Wes and Kathi Kubacki

Kathy offers Akashic Record Reading. let her show you the journeys of your soul, broken down into each individual lifetime including, but not limited to, past lives and introduce you to the heavenly connection that has been helping you, encouraging you and imparting wisdom, silently, since before you were born.

Wes offers intuitive tarot with the help of spirit. Look at your past, present and future from a higher vibrational perspective. You may also get messages from those who have crossed over.

Wes and Kathy offer many more services in their Geneva NY studio including a John of God crystal bed. Visit their website for more info.  

Leslie Ford

Rune Readings

unes are an alphabet of 24 letters, dating back over 2000 years, to ancient Iceland. Runes were carved on stone, wood, or bone. Leslie's set is carved on apple wood.
Her readings provide answers to your questions. Absolutely any question may be asked! (Usually there is time for more than one). Ask a clear and concise question for a clear and concise answer from spirit.
The Runes are cast, and Leslie interprets them depending on the position they land in....are they right side up, upside down, what did they land next to and where in the over all spread did they land.
To Leslie the Runes are like a secret code or language that she can use to communicate with Spirit. 

TreeTopia and More

Shannon Phillips

TreeTopia and More is not just about jewelry; it's about expressing and celebrating the beauty of nature and our connection to it through the symbol of the tree. In many cultures, the Tree of Life, represents the circle of life - roots connecting deeply to the earth, grounding us in our past and to our present; the branches reach toward the heavens, reminding us to dream and aspire to something greater, whether here on Earth or in the afterlife. Nurturing, grounding, and reaching for the sky, the tree represents long life, family relationships, and a connection to the natural world.

Symmetry Align

Erin Campingola and Tracy Swietoniowski

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient healing modality that works the meridian lines of the body, stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system and releases build up stress and tension held in the body. Erin and Tracey guide their clients through a sequence of yoga inspired Stretches, working along the 'Sen' or energy lines of the body, offering assisted stretching, fascia release and deep relaxation.  
20 minute massages will be available at the fair with options to book full length massages at our location or in the comfort of your home. 

Shamanic Services by Susan

Susan Norton

Susan Norton, MS, HLB Certified is a shamanic healer trained in the Healing the Light Body tradition with the Four Winds Society. Susan Norton studied with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and the shamans in Peru. Susan is currently based in Ithaca, New York, USA. Through travel and training in Canada, Peru and across the United States, Susan Norton has received professional certification and advanced training in this ancient healing medicine that originates in the mountains of Peru. Susan holds a masters degree in Education and has over 14 years teaching experience.

Mandala Moon Yoga and Reiki
Slate Hill Wellness

Dena Beratta and Friends

Dena is a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Usui Reiki Master, and owner of Mandala Moon Yoga.
. She is a certified MARI (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) Practioner and offers readings to provide intuitive insight to your current psyche.

Dena is also a Certified Hoopnotica Flow and Hoopnotica Fit Instructor. She teaches meditative hoop classes for fitness, fun, and flexibility And she offers beautiiful, hand-made hoops.

Mandala Moon and Slate Hill Wellness have a variety of Yoga classes, workshops and events, and teacher training opportunities. Visit their website for schedules and more information.

Andrew Alling


Andrew writes his own music and performs live playing the acoustic guitar, with organ bass foot pedals and the harmonica. He's a one man three piece singer songwriter band! He has written well over one hundred songs and has self-produced over four CDs. Balanced with his current yoga practice, his music speaks of politics, love, hardship, truth, adversity and hope.

Potatoes and Molasses

Black Brook Organics

Potatoes and Molasses serves up fresh farm to table fair using the sustainable and organic produce farmed in the Fingerlakes at Black Brook Organics.

Serving up fresh baby greens and micro greens salads, soups, baked potatoes, farm style fries, savory and sweet pies, freshly made juices, and much, much more.

Potatoes and Molasses, They farm, they cook, you eat. 

Reverend Denise McKee

Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

Rev. McKee is director of the Web of Well-Being, a referral service offering a myriad of trained, professional practitioners to help you attain balance, and create harmony in every aspect of your life on both the physical and spiritual levels. She will assist you in making desired changes in your life. Discover self-love, free yourself from self-criticism and practice living from the heart, learning to purposefully act happy and create support for a healthy mind –body-spirit and planet. 
Find out more of who you are. Learn to trust and feel alive, and undo core negative beliefs.

Blake Condolora

Forgotten Memories Photography

Blake Condolora of Forgotten Memories Photography is interested in both the metaphysical and esoteric elements of human life. As a photographer he explores both the spiritual and mystical sides of life. He is currently working to obtain his BFA at Syracuse university and has had his work featured in many magazines. Most recently on the front cover of Witch Way magazine, a monthly pagan magazine. His most notable works include the Forgotten Dreams tarot deck as well as The Grove a Celtic divination tool.

HIll Woman Productions

Sue Ryn

Artfully blended Herbs, Oils and Incense, Ritual Goods, Bath Salts, Potpourri, Catnip Mice & Toys, Eye Pillows,
aromatherapy products, and other simple pleasures and
affordable comforts for the Body, Mind, & Spirit
Serving customers over 30 years, here for many years to come!

Starlet LeBrun

Intuitive psychic and Ocularmancy reader.

Starlet believes that healing can be achieved by uniting the mind, body, and spirit to create lasting changes. She uses combinations of reiki, hypnosis, psychic perception and more to help facilitate change.  Starlet has been an intuitive psychic tarot reader for over 20 years, a Reiki master for 5+ years, and a hypnotherapist for 4 years.

Liv Avatar Kaur

Kundalini, Gong, and Akara Numerology

LivAvtar Kaur (Beth-Ann Wise)  has experienced profound transformation in her own life through Kundalini Yoga and Meditating and is passionate about passing these teachings on to others. She is also a musician who writes original mantra music and leads chanting events playing the harmonium and  gong.   She will also be offering Akara Numerology Readings. 

Heather Paris

Certified Family Life Coach and Best Selling Author

 Heather is on a mission to increase emotional intelligence and resiliency which promotes health and happiness within families.  She has recently opened the Live Inspired Now Life Coach School and is training and certifying people become life coaches and join her mission to increase emotional intelligence.  

Katrin Naumann

Inner Balance LIfeworks

Katrin is a student of Hinduism, Buddhism, the Western Mystery Schools, Hermetics, Tarot, Astrology, and the School of the New light.  She's a graduate of the Journeys of Profound Healing, Awakening, Abundance  Enlightened Awareness, Divination of Matter, and Transformational Healing with Her Holiness, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.   She is a practioner of Qi Gong, Vibrational Healing, and Yoga.  She leads workshops and is developing her own series of meditation CDs.  

Hope Springs Arts and Wellness

Laurie Hope

Laurie has studied art, early childhood development,human services, and ultimately completed her bachelors degree in holistic nutrition. She has earned a Hatha Yoga Teacher certification, certification in the clinical application of essential oils, and Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master certification. She combines her education, experience and gifts to help others through life. Gently guiding them without judgement. Giving them the tools we all need to heal ourselves. 
Laurie offers Reiki charged jewelry and art, and so much more. 

Brett Rewakowski

Central New York nature Artist

Brett works with natural materials to create a landscape painting unlike any other. Brett believes each tree has a story to tell- Perhaps a story about an autumn sunset or starry summer night. Maybe a chance encounter with a human or one of the myriad creatures that rely on the trees for survival. These scenes are spoken through the tree and on the tree with Brett’s help.

Deb's Holistic Health

Deb Higgins

Deb's Holistic Health will be offering you an Aura Scan with the Revolutionary European Biofield Technology. She will interpret your personal Aura on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level. She will offer suggestions on how you can shift your energy to be healthier and enrich your life and well being.   Includes Aura Picture and Chakra Analysis

The Rustic Boheme

Kim Quinn

The Rustic Boheme offers handcrafted gemstone jewelry that brings style and energy to any outfit. From everyday staples to chakra jewelry and unique electroform crystal pieces, The Rustic Boheme is sure to bring out the bohemian spirit in you.