Richway Amethyst Biomat

The Healing Power of Far Infrared Heat, Negative Ions, and Amethyst


Rows upon rows of real, natural amethyst crystals boost the healing vibration. The combination of natural amethyst and Hyron cotton layer generates far infrared rays (6-12 microns) that the human body can easily absorb.

Far Infrared

Far infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been studied for various health benefits. It provides warmth and relaxation similar to the energy that radiates from the sun. These rays not only benefit muscles on the surface of the body, but all cells and bodily tissues in the deepest parts of the body. The warm stimulating waves temporarily increase local circulation. This deep tissue heating relaxes the muscles and tissues surrounding the joints relieving pain and discomfort.

Negative Ion

Negative ions, or anions, are atoms that have a greater number of electrons (-) than protons (+), which result in a negative charge. They are abundant in natural environments such as forests, mountains, waterfalls and oceans. Negative ions are believed to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, ease allergies, and boost our energy.

EMF Shielded

Unlike a traditional heating pad, special layers of fabric in conjunction with the Biomat® EMF Interceptor effectively reduces electromagnetic waves to shield you from the damages of EMF radiation

Insurance Reimbursement

The Richway Amethyst Biomat is an FDA approved durable medical device.

That means it is currently tax deductable as a medical expense and if your doctor is williing to write you a prescription, you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

I have helped make successful claims using these steps:

1. Have your doctor look over the following brocure if they are not familiar with the BioMat.

2. Have your doctor write a prescription for the mat (and pillow if they choose).

3. Download the Form Letter and have your doctor create something similar.

4. Contact me to create an invoice

5. Submit your claim. 

Professional Mat PDF Brochure

12 Page PDF with more information for your reference or for submission to your doctor for Prescription Re-imbursement claims

Pillow Brochure

4 page PDF with more info about the Amethyst and Tourmaline negative-ion pillow

Form Letter for Prescribing Physicians

Template letter for reimbursement and prescription insurance claims. This Microsoft Word Format letter can be altered and printed on your doctor's letterhead for submission.

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